What We Do

Custom Sauces

Our toll manufacturing department produces sauces, marinades and jams to exact client specifications, using samples supplied,or our own formulations.

New Product Development

We believe in continuous improvement and we regularly develop and grow our product range. We plan to launch some exciting new variants in the coming year including chilli sauce, tomato sauce premix, lemon and herb marinade, and a delicious range of jams including mixed fruit, smooth apricot and strawberry. We also continue to survey the market for new culinary requirements that we can meet.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery of all orders valued over $50, within Harare.

But we know that not everyone lives in Harare!  So for our “out-of-town” customers we offer a linkage service with our distributors. 

Simply place your order through us and it can be delivered to your door by a distributor operating in your area.  And it won’t cost any more!  Our distributors operate in all major centres around Zimbabwe.

House Brands

House Brands, also known as Private Label products, have become a favourite way for Corporate Companies and Chain Stores to advertise themselves, through the products that they sell.

Whether it is sachets or sauces, Efoods offers this service to clients.

The process, especially in the production of branded single serve packaging, is in-depth, and always involves direct company to client interaction. It also involves significant volumes, in terms of packaging and product, so is a more suited to the large scale client.

Bespoke Products

Gourmet Sauces, marinates, jams and salad dressings are all products that we are able to produce to a client’s specification.

Where we don’t already offer a product in our stock range, we are able to work with clients to develop a condiment that suits their requirements.  This can be done through ‘sample matching’, where a client provides a sample of the type of product that they wish us to reverse engineer and reproduce.  It can also be done by ‘product formulation’ where a client will describe the product that they are looking for, and our team will formulate a recipe accordingly.  Or a customer might provide us with a formula, and we simply reproduce it for them.