Mr. Sauce range of marinades

Baking, grilling, or roasting, our marinades marry beautifully with your meat.

‘MEAT’ OUR MARINADES! A couple of hours is all they take to work their magic. Pour the marinade over any meat of your choosing and let the goodness soak all the way through. 

Bulk up with a marinade that’s big on flavour and even bigger on value! Order in any size of your choosing, from 5L for restaurants and catering, to 1L for everyday family usage, and now 

Lemon & Herb Marinade

Made from scratch, with real lemon juice, our marinade gives a fresh, light summertime flavour. Every time! Coat generously to create a delicious Lemon & Herb chicken, especially when braai’d.
Try me on:
– Roast Chicken
– Leg of Lamb
– Beef Fillet or Kebabs

Peri-Peri Marinade

Made from scratch, with habanero chilli peppers, our marinade packs the perfect punch. Coat generously to create a deliciously hot ‘n spicy peri-peri chicken, especially when cooked on a flame.
Try me on:
– All cuts of chicken 
– Steak or ribs
*** Careful, it’s QUITE HOT! ***

Smokey BBQ Marinade

Made from scratch, with a woody, smokey flavour, our marinade guarantees that famous braai-time flavour. Coat generously to create a deliciously smokey BBQ chicken, especially on a braai.
Try me on:
– Chicken Wings or drumsticks
– Beef Ribs
– Any type of Pork (especially pork belly!)


DIY Marinades and more…

Natural Lemon Juice

Add some fresh flavour with unsweetened Lemon Juice, made from real lemons.

Lemon juice is a smart cook’s secret weapon. This humble ingredient provides a cheeky chef-style pick-me-up to most meals.

Use it in the kitchen to marinate meats, poultry, and fish.
Use it out of the kitchen for tons of health, home, and beauty applications!