Lemon & Herb Marinade

Lemon & Herb Marinade

Irresistibly light and lemony! A couple of hours is all it would take to create that delicious summertime flavour. Every time.

Baking, grilling or even roasting, Mr Sauce Lemon & Herb Marinade marries beautifully with a variety of meats. Chicken is a given but don’t discount the impact a lemon & herb marinade would have on veggies. Experiment with lamb and beef to guarantee an unforgettable Greek-style flavour.

Ingredients: Purified water, modified starch, salt, acetic acid, lemon juice, herbs & spices, citric acid, emulsifier, stabilizers, sugar, vegetable oil. Preserved with sodium benzonate.

Allergens: None.

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Lemon & Herb Marinade 500ml